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Energy Efficiency
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The Joint Department for Energy Efficiency and the Info Centre on Energy Efficiency have been established pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Inter-Municipal Cooperation and the decisions adopted by the councils and the Agreement signed by the mayors of 8 municipalities: Negotino, Veles, Kavadarci, Demir Kapija, Rosoman, Čaška, Gradsko and Lozovo.

The official establishment and commencement of the operations of the joint department was supported from technical and financial aspect by the Skopje Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Development Centre of the VPR and the 8 municipalities in the region.

The main activities of this department are related to the improvement of the local energy management, including energy efficiency of the public premises and the municipalities in the Vardar Planning Region. 

Target Group (direct beneficiaries):

  • Elected officials – mayors and members of the municipal councils
  • Public and civil servants from the municipal partners 
  • Heads of the municipal public services
  • Users of public facilities, such as state and public administration, children and students
  • The wider community (through improved public lighting)
  • Development Centre of the Vardar Planning Region

The following is expected to be achieved by the performance of these functions:

  • The Joint Department for Energy Efficiency is capable to autonomously identify the energy consumption in the public buildings and institutions on the territory of the 8 municipalities through the use of adequate equipment for energy efficiency at disposal to the employees of the department;
  • The obligation set in the Law on the drafting and implementation of Energy Efficiency Programmes and Annual Plans for Programme Implementation has been complied with by the involved municipal partners;
  • Local communities and key stakeholders are familiar with the application of energy efficiency measures;
  • Database of available loan instruments, calls for proposals from donors in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources is created; assistance during preparation of project proposals, participation in calls for proposals, and similar is delivered. 
The Info Centre on Energy Efficiency and the Office of the Joint Department are located at the premises called Želkova Kukja in the Municipality of Negotino, and the premises were equipped with funds provided by the Skopje Office of the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP.

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